FRCR Part 1 Anatomy exam is very easy with these sources:

1- Dr Ismail Sayed Ismail Anatomy Videos : these are the links of the videos:

these videos about +/-35 hours … if you can study 3 hours daily .. you can finish it in less than 12 days.

2- Applied Radiological Anatomy book by paul butler .

the book characterized by easy information classifications … alot of radiology images … it nearly get all axial, coronal and sagital images of important views … you can finish it in less than 3 days .. if you study 3-4 hours daily …

  3- FRCR Part 1 Mock exams at Radiology cafe:

you must answer it after you finish the above 2 sources .. it’s 18 exams .. that many of their questions repeated at FRCR real exams .. and many of them you can actually find it in you exam …

Attention: Real exam much bit harder than Mock exams.

4- Answer all question of passfrcr site :

about 700 questions .. the advantage here that you answer it as you are really in the exam with the same new system of the exam … another advantage that it’s classified according to categorizes according to modules (abdomen – pelvic – brain …etc)  .. you can begin to answer after you finish one or two modules.


if you can study the above sources well , you have more than 90% chance in the exam …

FRCR part 1 Anatomy exam is an accessible exam if you plan your time and study good and anwer as many questions as you can … definitely you will find similar question in your FRCR part 1 Anatomy exam

Good Luck

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